Kid's Ministry

Hope Tabernacle loves children’s ministry. Our dedicated staff of ministry leaders make sure that each child is taught how to develop a relationship with Jesus and the Bible.


The ladies ministry of Hope Tabernacle is alive with purpose to see the Lords hand in our lives every day. We search for Him in Bible Study, personal devotions and in prayers. Our lives center on caring for each other in the harmony of the Spirit and reaching to the community with the love of Jesus Christ our Lord.

Christian Counseling 

Rev. Anthony Stowe is a certified Christian Counselor (NCCA) and is an expert in relationship counseling. Rev. Stowe has helped hundreds of families in the community navigate through the trials of relationship issues. Relationship classes held regularly. Call today for a private consultation. 281-813-7423

Men's Ministry

We believe in Strong Families, Strong Marriages and Strong Community. This begins with Strong Men. Men who are focused on God and on the family principles taught in Gods Word. We are dedicated to seeing our men rise to their full potential as strong husbands, fathers and Spiritual leaders of our community.

Bible Studies

Hope Tabernacle is well known in the community for the Bible Study Department. We have a team of outstanding Bible teachers that have a unique gift in facilitating either one on one personal Bible Study or in a group setting. Whether you are a Bible scholar or you may not even own a Bible, our teachers will captivate and inspire anyone who is eager to learn. Whatever your denomination or religious background, if you are interested in learning more about the Bible contact us today.  

Student Ministries

Living2nine is a group of young people who are sold out to Jesus Christ. They are absolutely involved in every aspect of the church. From reaching the community with Bible studies to Street Jam Services downtown. If you are between the age of 12-18 you need to come and check it out!